To make a difference

  • Achieve your goals!

    The Bandaal Fit Sauna Sweat Vest helps you to achieve your goals of shedding those hard to lose extra pounds and improving your overall mental and physical fitness.

  • Sweat 3X more!

    The Sauna Sweat Vest is the perfect workout partner to help you burn fat and calories.  It helps your body generate 3X more sweat by heating up your core 3x more than regular gym clothing so you can boost up your workout and burn calories faster.

  • Burn more calories

    Boosts your metabolism & helps you to burn more calories with much less effort.

  • Correct your posture

    INSTANTLY tones and shapes your posture.

  • Maximum results!

    It is the perfect addition to help reduce fat, MAXIMIZE your results and get the body you deserve.

  • The best technologies!

    The 100% neoprene Waist Training Vest features a durable front zipper and an adjustable velcro strap for the lower abdomen that sizes down with you as you see your waist line go down! Made of 3-layer high-quality neoprene, this vest always keeps you dry on the outside

  • Targets all the difficult areas!

    With slimming technology that helps increase sweating & allows you to smooth rolls, bulges, and eliminate layers. The Sauna Vest is the ultimate waist trainer accessory. Comfortable compression targeting your trouble areas – back, sides, stomach, love handles, and muffin top.

  • Comfortable AND looks great

    This is perfect for everyday use whether you’re at the gym or taking a stroll through the park.