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You’re well aware of the daily stress and muscular tension that accompanies you throughout the day. A tired back after long hours at work, tense shoulders after carrying heavy loads… Fatigue builds up and back pain becomes a constant reality.

That’s where our massage belt comes in. Imagine coming home after an exhausting day. You slip on your belt, adjust the intensity and heat levels, and let the magic happen. The soothing vibrations and comforting heat penetrate deep into your tired muscles, releasing accumulated tension. It’s as if every knot of stress disappears beneath your fingers.


Thanks to our massage belt, you’ll find not only immediate relief, but also new energy to face tomorrow’s challenges. You feel revitalised, ready to savour the little moments of happiness with your family, pursue your favourite hobbies and enjoy life to the full without the aches and pains that used to get in the way.


Don’t you deserve this relief too? Don’t let stress and muscle tension rob you of your precious moments of happiness. Give yourself the gift of well-being with our heated massage belt.

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Heated massage belt

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°Multi position
°Massage function: Adjustable intensity
°Vibration massage: 3 intensity levels
°Function heat:
°Adjustable temperature
°3 temperature levels: 40-55-65 ºC
°Elastic, flexible and adaptable:
°Fixed firmly
°Beneficial effects: relief, rest, relaxation and well-being
°Practical and easy to use: Lightweight and easy to handle
°Easy to transport and store
°Approx. dimensions: 97 x 11.5 x 0.7 cm


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