5 mistakes millennials make while working out

Bandaal Fit stretching

I did have my fair share of trials and tribulations when I decided to start working out. It wasn’t easy at all, believe me. Find here under 5 things I found out I and probably you were doing wrong.

1. Not knowing why you are working out.

Remember the day you decided to start working out? Do you also remember the reasons that pushed you?

Nowadays you will find many peers in the gym breaking a sweat for no reason. Nothing to be impressed about off course… if you are a gym rat!

Us, the others, have a little bit more difficulties finding that motivation to keep on going to the gym week in week out.

What can help you is to write it down!

You will need to remind yourself your reasons why. The more often you see it, the better. Write it down and paste it on your fridge or next to your door.

This will help you out on those days when you will be less motivated. Proven fact.

2. Doing the same thing over and over and over again

Routine can kill the passion in a relationship: taking your date out to the same restaurant, talking about the same things always, doing the same positions again and again…

So why are you trying to kill the relationship with your gym?

If you start to consider the gym as your (secret) lover, you will see that you will be happier with it.

Switch it up: try out a new exercise, go to a different gym now and then, try out a sauna suit for a change, cheat on your gym partner on Thursdays,…

You can make it as crazy and exciting as you want!

3. Not drinking enough water!

The third one doesn’t need any introduction: drink water!

Consider that your body is mainly water. Don’t deprive it… HYDRATE YOURSELF!

PS: Avocado is not waterathlete-crossfit-effort

4. Suit up correctly and not according to fashion

Sometimes it is tempting to wear the latest tracksuit you saw your favorite star with. Not knowing that he or she got a million Euro endorsement deal to wear it 5 minutes in her in her bathroom. Be careful because it can smell real fishy real quick. You don’t want to be that person looking up “How to clean sauna suit” at midnight on a Tuesday.

Make sure you get the right workout apparel to sustain your goals.

Some nice to haves could be: a sauna vest, a waist shaper belt, weight loss neoprene, …

5. Working out without a plan

You have heard this a million times already, but here it come one more time:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

If you want to succeed in your gym life, you will need some structure. Get a workout plan online, get it from your favorite personal trainer, make it yourself, … But whatever you do, make a plan.

This will help you keep track of your progress and give you a view on your future objectives. So don’t minimize the importance of a well thought plan!

AND last but not least, don’t fall for get slim fast miracle solutions like CBD oil or other.



Myself growing up as a millennial, I had to learn to take a step back and put some reflections on the way I was working out. While some workout regimen may work out perfectly for some people, this might not be suited for the “regular” people among us.

First things first, you have to know the reasons why you are going to the gym? Is it to get that summer body you were dreaming of? Or to flex on that new intern that started at your firm?

Every goal has steps to it! For you to get there? That’s all on you.

The most important thing I have learned? Get knowledgeable on how to work out properly.