The benefits of a sauna suit revealed


Have you ever asked yourself this question: What are the benefits of a sauna suits?


all might be hyped up you think, maybe this is just the latest trend among the youth, it might actually be dangerous, … ? 

The matter of fact is: NOBODY TRULY knows.

Studies have shown…

Actually that is not true. A study (link) has been done, commissioned by a non-profit organization ACE and led by Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D. of the Western State Colorado University (USA) that gives us some deep insights on what are sauna suits and why are they good for you.

The Health-related benefits of exercise training with a sauna suit

From the research, it is shown that wearing a neoprene sweatvest during exercise will greatly benefits and improve heat acclimation of your body. This is especially true for endurance training. But it is advisable to also wear it during your shorter and more intensive trainings. The neoprene sauna suit will increase your performance dramatically.


To not dig too deep in the numbers, here are some of the main results from the research. Subjects have been set to an exercise routine, measured against a control group:

    • Improvement in VO2 max (11.7% vs 7.3% improvement)
    • Reduction in body weight (2.6% vs 0.9% reduction)
    • Decrease in body fat (13.8% vs 8.3% decrease)
    • Reduced fasting blood glucose (7.7% vs. 2.1% reduction)
    • Increased resting metabolic rate (an 11.4% improvement vs. a 2.7% decrease)
    • Increased fat oxidation (3.8% increase vs. 2.6% decrease)

The bottom line, all would benefits of wearing a sauna suit during at least part of their workout.


If you were reluctant about whether or not to start to start working out with a sauna vest or not? Consider again! Scientific evidence has shown that working out with a sauna sweatvest vastly improves your metabolism and weight loss.

The sauna vest may as well be the solution in assisting us with weight loss and long term weight maintenance as well as improve overall health.